How to introduce babysitter to the child

When the time comes to introduce the child to the babysitter try to maintain the child's usual schedule and routine as much as possible. The addition of a babysitter should be the only variable during the period of acquaintance and getting used to the babysitter. We recommend leaving everything else unchanged. This way the child will [...]

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3 reasons why handmade gifts are better

Some of You will say that it is too early…. But we (just as Your children probably) cannot wait! 😊It is our favorite holiday season – Christmas! It is so magical - especially if You have kids. Their anticipation and joy are so immediate and pure. Of course we know how stressful Christmas can be for [...]

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5 questions nanny should definitely ask

1. Have you had a nanny before? It is important to find out how much experience a potential employer has with this service. This will help you understand how clear the expectations and assumptions of the family are for you. If the family has no previous experience with childcare, every little detail should be discussed. Parents who [...]

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