As they say –  it takes a whole village to raise happy children. And we agree on in this 100%. Happy children can be raised by happy parents. And for parents to be happy, it is necessary for parents to rest, relax and have fun too! 😊 And this is where we can be Your village!

We have done a great job for You. We have brought together nannies, caregivers and children’s entertainers from very different backgrounds, educations and experiences. And they are all united by a great passion and love for children!

We have met them all, interviewed thoroughly, checked the backgrounds and talked to the referrers.

All of it in order to give You more time to deal with what You like or need at the moment!

We give you additional assurance that the babysitter will not cancel at the last minute and will be available at the agreed time. Our service providers will only receive Your payment once the agreed service has been provided.

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