Are you a nanny?

We are working with all kind of babysitters, nannies and caregivers. As long as You have great passion for working with children there is no difference whether You have been educated in university, just have a certificate or You still in process of study.

Do you have long-term experience in the field of childcare or You just starting this appreciative job?

Do you want to work as nanny full time or part time?

Do you want to work at day times, in the evening or at night?

If you feel that You have the energy and a few hours, days or weeks to dedicate to one or more of our great families, then send us Your brief introduction, resume and contact.

We will contact You, meet You for an interview and find out the working conditions that are right for you.

With us You can be sure that Your booked working hours will not be cancelled at the last minute or You will be left unpaid for the work done! Our customers pay for Your service in advance and You will receive Your money immediately after the service is provided.

Caregivers for children with special needs are also very welcome! With us You can plan your valuable time Yourself and choose who You work with and on which conditions.

Are you good at children’s entertainment? Is it face painting, games,  balloon animals or are You great at playing princess?

If you have any superpower for children’s parties, then give Yourself up!

Write briefly what You can do to make the children flaunt the enthusiasm at the party 😊

We help parents organize unforgettable parties and find suitable entertainers.

We also work with playrooms, wedding organizers and many others to ensure the smooth running of each event and the good mood of all participants!

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