Involving a babysitter is a big decision no matter if it is one-time deal or a permanent one. It is extremely important that you find someone who is right for your whole family. For You to be calm while the child is with the caregiver. For the child to have fun and be safe while the parent is away.

We have met with all our caregivers, interviewed them thoroughly, checked their background and referrals, and asked for feedback from our own clients after each care.

All so that You can do Your things with peace of mind!


There are situations in life where the need for a babysitter arises unexpectedly. We understand that. Also we understand that even in such situations You want the caregiver to be reliable and establish good contact with child. So that You don’t have to worry and can focus on solving urgent matters.

It is for such situations that we have a nanny on duty every day, who is ready to react quickly so that Your child is taken care of!

If You need a last minute care send an inquiry for availability



Do You need babysitter only occasionally? Maybe only when grandma is busy? That’s okay!

We are here for You!

Go have some good time for Yourself – meet friends, have a date-night or go shopping!

Our fun babysitters will take care for Your dearest meanwhile.



Finding this one and only nanny that fits Your family like the missing puzzle piece can be a difficult task. Let us make it easier for You!


We have interviewed lots of guardians for You – we know their strengths and their best skills

We know their schedules

We know their experience

We know their recommendations

We know the backgrounds

Now it is Your turn to tell us who You’re looking for, so that we can offer You the best solution!

Invite us to visit or come Yourself! Or let’s call instead? We can also write!

However You prefer!



We understand that being a  parent of a child with special needs, Your joys and worries may also be more special at times.

We want You to be able to share them with a caregiver who understands both You and Your child and can support You both exactly as You need!



Is it a wedding, birthday party, conference or any other event where You need to have the kids taken care of?

Ask for our great event nannies! They can do all kind of fun activities– playing games, face paintings, balloon animals, dress-ups and lot of more stuff children love!



The price of the service depends on the qualification of the caregiver, number and age of the children, duration of service and time of service.

The price is based on the caregiver salary and our service fee. If necessary, transportation fee is added.

Service fee range 0.49-1.99 eur / h

Please note that 3 hours is a minimum for service provided in child’s home.

Example 1

1 child, service duration 3 hours, at the child’s home, 18.00-21.00

Babysitter salary 10 eur / h

Our service fee 1.19 eur / h

Total price of the service for 3 hours: 33,57 eur

Example 2

1 child, service duration 7 hours, 4 times a week, at the child’s home, 09.00-17.00

Babysitter salary 11 eur / h

Our service fee 0.69 eur / h

Total price of the service for You per week: 327,32 eur

Vajasime ootamatult kiiresti lapsehoidjat ja saimegi hoidjatädi Pille siit. Väga hea ja vajalik teenus. Tänan!


Leidsime Teie kaudu omale hoidja, kes on tõeline leid! Nüüd juba kolmas kuu… Soovitame!

Kairi M.

Väga hea, et olete olemas. Sain kiiresti lapse hoiule viia, kui oli vaja ootamatult tööintervjuule minne. Nii sain hea töökoha ja probleemid lahenesid.